Scholarships & Awards


This celebratory event honours excellence in scholastic studies as well as outstanding achievement in specialized areas.

This year's celebration for top awards and last year's grade 12 recipients will be held on November 16 @ 7:00pm. Families are welcome.

The celebration for last years grade 10 and 11 recipients will be held during block 1 on November 17. 

Eligible students will be invited to this event by email near the end of October.

Celebration Brochure




PK students have access to over 60 school based scholarships and awards. Thanks in large part to the generosity of our award sponsors, our PK students will take home scholarships and awards worth over $30,000 this year.

All graduating students in Alberta can apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship and potentially earn up to $2500!

For more information, contact Student Services
780-459-4405 ext.41015