Physical Education

The minimum requirements for a student to attain an Alberta high school diploma include Physical Education 10, 20 & 30. 

All students must complete PE 10 and CALM 20 in order to receive a High School Diploma. These courses can be taken together in a COMBO course or separately.

ALWAYS check information with the post-secondary institution and the program of your choice. Pre-requisites vary by institution and institutions sometimes change entrance requirements.


3 credits

For students wishing to stay fit and learn about strength and conditioning this is the course for you.

6 credits

This combo will enhance your sports medicine theory and overall fitness.

5 credits
Offered in semester 1

The focus is to develop players both physically and mentally for the game of hockey with sessions 2 days on ice, 1 off-ice at the rink, and the remaining 2 days at school.

5 credits

A wide variety of sports and games are presented. Classes are separate or CoEd.

6 credits - Co-Ed course

PE 10 develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

CALM explores various steps of personal development and equips you with the necessary skills to make healthy, well-informed decisions and choices throughout your life.

5 credits

Students focus on leadership and diverse physical activities.

Sports Medicine 10 - 3 credits
Sports Medicine 20/30 3
Sports Medicine 20, 30 5 credits

Hands-on and theory classes cover techniques in injury management, training and taping, sports psychology, nutrition, leadership, etc.

3 credits

Immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga to build strength, gain flexibility and improve posture. Learn techniques to help relax and manage stress.