Mission & Vision


At École Secondaire Paul Kane High School, everyone is dedicated to maintaining a caring and respectful environment in which all members are encouraged to reach their potential, develop lifelong learning skills and contribute to the community.


If the children of this community are to reap the benefits of an exemplary education, École Secondaire Paul Kane High School must have a clear sense of the goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of what it seeks to provide and the contribution that the various stakeholders must make in order to transform the ideals into reality. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards that Paul Kane should strive to achieve and maintain. These standards should serve as both the blueprint for our improvement efforts and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.

Curricular Focus

An exemplary school provides students with a common core curriculum complemented with a variety of options, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. This balanced program stimulates intellectual curiosity, requires students to demonstrate and apply their learning strategies, and enables and encourages them to become productive, effective and involved citizens. The school articulates the outcomes it seeks for all of its students and monitors each student’s attainment of those outcomes through a variety of indicators, supportive of different personal learning styles. In such a school, the curriculum interpretation and implementation:

  • challenges students to achieve personal excellence in all areas;
  • enables students to broaden their perspective in order to understand and appreciate diverse cultures within the school and the community and in so doing fosters a global perspective, emphasizing tolerance, understanding and individuality;
  • is responsive to current and future trends in society;
  • nurtures citizenship; 
  • encourages instructional strategies that promote independent learning, while recognizing and providing for individual differences and interests; 
  • integrates appropriate technology as a means to achieve specific curricular outcomes;
  • facilitates the close monitoring of the academic progress of each student, and provides opportunities of support for those who require additional assistance; and
  • reflects the priority of essential skills and knowledge required for student achievement.


To become an exemplary school, Paul Kane requires effective leaders - leaders who are able to build a shared vision that serves as a bridge between the school’s present and the future it desires. With this in mind the leaders work toward the following:

  • each member of the Paul Kane staff feels empowered to lead toward the creation of an exemplary school through the development of professional learning communities;
  • the expectation placed on all members of the learning community is to support the goal of student achievement; this expectation is clear to both staff and students;
  • there is a commitment to continuous improvement in pedagogical methods that lead to improved student achievement;
  • there is a commitment to develop consensus within the school’s learning community regarding the goals established for student achievement;
  • each staff member is an active leader in the creation of a school climate that recognizes and celebrates success at all levels and within all courses;
  • innovative techniques are used to improve attendance, punctuality and to eliminate illicit drug use;
  • every effort is made to adjust the placement of students to appropriate class levels in order to improve the opportunity for student achievement; and
  • innovative methods to improve achievement are encouraged and supported.


An exemplary school may not exist without exemplary staff. Paul Kane, as an exemplary school, has a staff whose vision includes the following:

  • at Paul Kane, every staff member belongs to a collaborative team focusing on student learning and achievement;
  • a primary focus is on the individual student and his or her achievement and success in school;
  • a stimulating learning environment exists;
  • all Paul Kane teachers and staff are passionate about their profession as is evident in their role in the lives of their students;
  • staff members at Paul Kane are chosen in accordance with our belief that teaching is predominantly focused on nurturing student achievement and success;
  • members of staff contribute to the planning and the direction for the future; every Paul Kane staff member has the opportunity to collaborate in the goal-setting process;
  • Paul Kane staff is committed to the recognition and celebration of each individual’s successes; and 
  • staff at Paul Kane value diversity - all staff are committed to the development and maintenance of a school climate that fosters, encourages and celebrates diversity.


Paul Kane recognizes the importance of the individual student. At Paul Kane, students are in a safe and caring learning environment that provides the support to enable every student to achieve at his or her highest level. At Paul Kane, a learning environment is provided in which:

  • students feel the passion and commitment of the school staff to learning and achievement;
  • students are aware that varied learning opportunities are available to accommodate diverse learning styles;
  • students feel comfortable, confident and supported when seeking assistance to learn;
  • students are committed partners in taking responsibility for their learning and achievement;
  • students are recognized for their varied learning accomplishments; and
  • students demonstrate respect for diversity.

Parents and Community

Paul Kane, as an exemplary school, has the following community vision:

  • stakeholders are involved partners in establishing school goals;
  • parents/guardians recognize their obligation as partners in nurturing student achievement and success;
  • parents work with the school to maintain standards of attendance, conduct and effort that are necessary for school achievement;
  • parents recognize and share the responsibility of the importance of suitable program planning and placement in order that their child may experience success and achievement; and
  • the community has the opportunity to be involved in activities whether these be curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular.

School Climate

The school climate at Paul Kane is one that fosters opportunity and respect. While it is an inviting place, it ensures the security of all members. As such, the school atmosphere is one that:

  • fosters a passion for learning and achievement;
  • encourages, challenges and allows for different learning styles;
  • encourage respect and tolerance for others;
  • honours diversity; and
  • encourages a clean and safe environment.