Start-Up Information

The Bell Schedule is posted on our website under the Information tab and can be accessed here.

The policy package can be accessed here.

As a result of the ongoing construction at Paul Kane High School, student parking will be extremely limited for the 2023-2024 school year. You will be required to consider alternate modes of transportation to and from school for this school year as we cannot guarantee parking will be made available.

If you require bussing, please contact the transportation department at 780.460.3712, or alternatively ride STAT, bike, or walk to school.

Student Services staff are returning on Thursday, August 24th to begin the timetable adjustment process. If you see a “hole” in your timetable, it is because we were unable to schedule all of your course requests. It is strongly recommended that all Grade 10 and 11 students have full timetables in order to meet graduation requirements. Based on your final marks, you may need to alter the courses you are registered for. We would be happy to help you choose an alternate course. Please note, we will not be adjusting timetables based on student requests for specific teachers or friends.

Appointments are available on August 24th, August 25th, and August 28th from 9:00 - 12:00 & 1:00 - 2:30.

Please book your appointment at Appointment bookings will open Monday, August 21, at 8:00 am and will fill up quickly! 

If you wish to simply drop a course with no other adjustments required, please email your grade level counsellor directly. Please note, grade 10 & 11 students are required to fill their timetables.
Grade 10: Mrs. Reed:
Grade 11: Ms. Raven: 

Grade 12: Ms. Royea:


Here are the answers to questions that new students often ask before they arrive at Paul Kane. It is important to us that you have the best academic year of your life. If you are curious about something please ask. Remember, the only “dumb” question is the one you didn’t ask.

You should bring a binder with paper, pen and pencil. If you have Phys. Ed., bring appropriate clothes and shoes. If you have Math, bring a calculator (see next section).

Grade 10 students will be assigned their lockers Wednesday, August 31.
Grade 11 & 12 students will use the same locker you were assigned last year.
Locks will be issued by the school. NO PERSONAL LOCKS are allowed.

Most Math courses require a graphing calculator. Please check with your math teacher.

List of approved calculators

Yes, if you want to ride a bus. Your parents can apply and pay for a bus pass online. Bus pass applications are made through Bus Planner. Or you can pick one up and pay for it at the St. Albert Public Schools district office at 60 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue.

The date for school photos can be found on our calendar.  ID cards will be distributed when your photo is taken and you will also receive information should you wish to purchase additional photos. Retakes are in October (see calendar).
Make sure you get your picture taken so you will have an ID card and be in the Yearbook!

PowerSchool is a program that lets you view your timetable, assignments, marks, attendance, etc. from any computer. All students will get a PowerSchool Login and Password in September. Please keep this information in a safe place. Parents have a different login which allows them to see all of their children’s information as well as view/pay any associated fees. You can access the PowerSchool portal from the home page of our website.

Paul Kane offers extracurricular activities in many areas - Students’ Union, Yearbook, Games Club just to name a few. As well, Paul Kane has athletic teams in badminton, basketball, cross country running, curling, football, girls flag football, golf, rugby, slo-pitch, soccer, indoor soccer, swimming, track and field, beach volleyball, and volleyball. Get your friends involved and meet new ones.

It’s “Our House Our Team” at PK!

High school is a big change for many students. Most courses are semestered, therefore you finish the course in five months. This means that there is more home study and more attention needed. If you begin to experience difficulty, you should see your teacher as soon as there is any hint of a problem. There are many solutions. Your teacher will suggest a course of action. It may be simply more study, getting after school help, or spending ten minutes going over expectations and concepts. The most important thing though, is to tell someone you are experiencing difficulty. We can help! Your teachers, counselors and administrators are here first and foremost to make sure you have success. You just have to let us know!

Yes. The Rutherford Scholarship program begins in grade ten. It recognizes students with an average of 75% or higher. Many other scholarships and awards are available, in the areas of citizenship, academics and athletics throughout your three year high school experience. Written information is available on our website and from Student Services.

Yes. Students who have a job and who have completed a one credit course called HCS3000 (Workplace Safety) can receive credits towards their high school diploma. To sign up for Workplace Safety and/or Work Experience, see details on our Off-Campus Education page on our website .

We understand that sometimes families have wonderful opportunities for trips that take place at the same time as school. Nevertheless these trips, especially if they exceed two or three days, cause tremendous difficulty. Because high school courses are semestered, missing five days in high school is like missing two weeks in grade 9. You can miss a complete section of the course. In most subjects the material builds up from day to day. Missing such time can be devastating. Many students who have taken extended holidays found their marks dropped by as much as 20%. If this absence cannot be helped you should plan well in advance and contact the subject teacher. Don’t leave it till the last minute.