The minimum requirements for a student to attain an Alberta high school diploma include Mathematics 20 level 
(20-1, 20-2 or 20-3).


Always check information with the post-secondary institution and the program of your choice. Pre-requisites vary by institution and institutions sometimes change entrance requirements.

The Advanced Placement (AP) stream is designed for students who have a passion for math and wish to pursue mathematics at a level beyond high school. Math 31 AP students write the AP Calculus AB exam and Math 35AP students write the AP Calculus BC exam in May.


Students in our "-3" sequence will use a basic scientific calculator. Students in all other Math courses require a graphing calculator as per Alberta Education. 

List of approved calculators


Students with a Math 9 mark of less than 55% should consider taking Math 10-3.

Math 10-3, 20-3, 30-3 stream prepares students for the mathematical applications required by various trades and occupations.

10 credits - students start by taking 10-3/20-3 as a combo class during 1 semester.
5 credits - students can continue to Math 30-3 or move into the Math 10C foundations stream.

5 credits

A Grade 9 Math mark of 60% or higher is recommended to enroll in Math 10C Foundations.

This course is intended for students who do not need Calculus for entry into their post-secondary program.

This stream continues with Math 20-2 and Math 30-2, which is accepted for entrance into many university programs.

5 credits

Students are expected to have achieved a minimum of 65% in Math 9 to enroll in Math 10C Pre-Calculus.

This course is the first in a series of four math courses that guides students through Math 20-1 and 30-1 and concludes with taking Math 31 (Calculus) in Grade 12.

5 Credits

For students who have a passion for Math, are motivated and wish to pursue mathematics at a level beyond high school. Topics in these Advanced Placement courses are covered on an accelerated basis.



5 credits

Pre-req: Math 30-1AP

Math 31 is required by the following faculties and programs: Engineering, Honours Math, Mathematics Applied, Mathematical Physics, Mathematics and Economics.

Math 31 is recommended in several other programs. Please research your post-secondary institution preferred program requirements.


8 credits

This is a combo course.

Math 31 AP content is usually found in most first-year university Calculus courses. This course will prepare students to write the AP Calculus AB exam in May. 

Math 35 AP will finish preparing students for the AP Calculus AB exam and also prepare students who choose to write the AP Calculus BC exam. Some post-secondary institutions will grant credit or advanced standing upon achieving a mark of 4 or 5 on either exam. 

For more information visit our Advanced Placement page.