We offer a wide range of clubs. Everyone is free to join a club at any time throughout the year. Check out the various booths at Clubs Day early in September to learn more about each particular club.

Here are our clubs for Semester 2 of 2023-2024:

Bowling Club 1139 after school Specific Fridays, limited space Mrs. Djogovic-Steele
Mr. Fong
Change for the Planet 2057  @ lunch Tuesday Mr. Machney
Mrs. Savich
D&D Game Club Fishbowl after school Fridays Mr. Dudas
Film Club 2017  @ brunch Tues & Thurs Mr. Power
Girls Rugby (not team) 2052 after school Fridays Mr. Rousseau
Indoor Rock Climbing 1139 after school Specific Fridays, limited space Mrs. Djogovic-Steele
Magic the Gathering 2044 after school Thursday Mr. Dundas
Mr. Oevering
Mr. McKeever
Martial Arts Club 2016 after school Tues & Thurs Mr. Olasker
Philosophy Club 2021  @ lunch Fridays Mr. Olasker
PK Indigenous Peoples
& Allies Club
2022  @ brunch Every 2nd Wednesday Mr. McKeever
PKSU Students Union 2020  @ lunch Mondays Ms. Lockhart
Mrs. Fulton
Mr. Shamchuk
Pottery Club Fishbowl 2:00-4:00pm Tuesday Ms. Lewis
S.A.G.A. 2067  @ brunch Wednesdays Mrs. LeClerc
Science Challenging / Science Olympics 2085  @ lunch Fridays Mr. Ng
Ms. Maier
Stamp Collecting Club 1028  @ lunch Tuesday Mr. Hewitt
Trivia Club / Reach for the Top 2052  @ lunch Thursdays Mr. Rousseau
Warhammer Club 2052  @ lunch Tuesday Mr. Rousseau
Yearbook 1049  @ lunch
+ photo shoots
Fridays Mr. Fong
Ms. Anic