Open House 2024

Paul Kane "Your Story Starts Here" Open House, March 7, 2024

Thank you for attending our Open House!

Please visit our Open House Virtual Tour site . This site offers many interactive features, videos, and opportunities to learn more about the amazing programs and courses at Paul Kane.

Please explore our Virtual 360 Tours of spaces, view our video vignettes, and browse our 2024-2025 Guidebook, Your Story Starts Here

What is an Open House?

School open houses are events that give you a chance to:

● Speak to teachers and other school staff about high school programs, culture,
   and opportunities
● Learn about programs and extracurricular activities offered at the school
● Understand what your teen will learn and how you can support their learning
● Learn and have questions answered about the registration process

Before the Event

● Explore our 2024-2025 Guidebook “Windows of Opportunity” to review information
   about programs you’re teen is interested in
● Visit our school website and review information about programs of interest
● Make a list of priorities and what’s important to your teenager and your family
● Help your teen consider all the options and activities available
● Have a list of discussion topics handy so you and your teen are ready to ask questions

After the Event

Our school website can be accessed anytime before or after the live event at the school.  If you have additional questions or missed the event, contact the Paul Kane Administration at 780-459-4405.