As the largest French Immersion school north of Calgary, we are a dual-track high school where students can take their core courses with English or French as the language of instruction.

Helping each student to know that they are welcome and that they belong at École Paul Kane is important to us. Developing a sense of confidence and competence towards learning is what motivates our classroom practice. Paul Kane is a place where students are heard, are honoured and belong.

Our school has had an interesting journey! The school first opened its doors to students on September 1, 1963 on a 20-acre parcel of land not far from Sir Alexander Mackenzie School on Fairview Drive, not where it is located today. Lorne Akins Junior High School used to be the site of École Paul Kane High School.  

Enrollment of 343 students in its first year, 1963, was for students from Grade 7-12. During the next three years, the junior high classes were gradually phased out and by 1967, the school housed only high school students. 

In 1972-72 construction of a new high school began for École Paul Kane. Occupancy of the new high school took place on Friday afternoon, March 2, 1973. Students left their old school (now Lorne Akins Junior High) with text books and notebooks in hand and walked the short distance across the fields to their brand new building. 

As the city and population continued to grow, so were the needs for a larger high school. A replacement high school was built behind the site of the previous building and we welcomed our 1400 students on January 9, 2023.