Dual Credit

Dual Credit is an authorized Alberta Education program that allows students to obtain post-secondary credits and secondary school credits while still in high school. Currently St. Albert Public Schools is exploring opportunities that support the diversity of our population and cater to students who aspire to complete advanced education while still attending Paul Kane.

To many students, dual credit can be perceived as getting a jump start on their post-secondary pursuits, while others see it as a way to explore courses they may not normally take. Students are encouraged to explore and take risks, and can do so with no fiscal investment (compared to that of a normal post-secondary course).

Courses will be offered by a post-secondary sessional instructor with the support of a Divisional teacher, and generally are hosted on-line. Successful completion of the courses will result in CTS credits (30-level) being issued at the secondary level, and course credits being issued at the post-secondary level with an accompanying post-secondary transcript.

Courses are generally 45 hours in length with the course being offered 1 afternoon per week for 15 weeks.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact Mr. Bill Turnham, Division Dual Credit Coordinator at 780.231.7955. If you have any difficulty completing the application, please email Mr. Turnham directly to ensure you are registered.