Code of Conduct

A member of the l’École Secondaire Paul Kane High School community:


• benefits from learning experiences by applying talents and time
• completes assignments thoughtfully, honestly and punctually
• attends classes punctually and consistently
• promotes a positive learning environment within the school
• recognizes and supports learning as a life-long process
• recognizes the power of role-modelling

Relates to Others

• respects self and others and strives for understanding
• is courteous and considerate
• appreciates our multicultural community and respects diversity
• respects rights of all individuals to personal safety and dignity
• respects public and personal property
• shows respect through actions and speech


• recognizes that effective communication creates a healthy school environment and accepts that listening is as important as speaking


• demonstrates good citizenship
• acts as an ambassador for the school and is a responsible member of the larger community

Accepts Responsibility

• accepts responsibility for his or her actions
• recognizes the implications of these actions on others
• realizes that there are consequences for his or her actions