Our Staff

Some of our staff have websites to assist students with homework or additional resource material, others use Google Classroom to share information. Please check with your teachers regarding which one they use.

Administration and Student Support

Erin Steele


Colleen Anderson

Assistant Principal, Gr. 10 Administrator

Kris Horb

Assistant Principal, Gr. 12 Administrator

Catherine Lajoie

Assistant Principal, Gr. 11 Administrator

Jeet Jermana

Learning Support Facilitator - Grade 11 (E-Z) / Grade 12

Laura Kasper

Learning Support Facilitator - Indigenous

Michelle Lutic

Learning Support Facilitator - Grade 10 / Grade 11 (A-D)

Emily Douglas

Counsellor - Grade 12

Cristin Raven

Counsellor - Grade 11

Danielle Reed

Counsellor - Grade 10

Betsy Setch

Student Services - Administrative Assistant

Constable MJ Burroughs

School Resource Officer

Office Administration

Cassie Timson

Office Manager / Accounts Payable

Shirley Bowles

Office Reception

Linda Cassidy


Mike Ma

Technical Analyst

Margo McNamara

Learning Commons Administrative Assistant

Wilma Sannino

Communication / Department Head - Administrative Assistant

Gary Serediak

Technical Analyst

Terri Sherbanuk

Front Office / Accounts Receivable

Anna Wong

Learning Commons Administrative Assistant

Bob Hewitt



Keith Ainslie-O'Connor

Fr. Math, Fr. Physics, Fr. Chemistry

Brandon Andreychuk

Department Head - Social Studies; Aboriginal Studies, Social Studies

Andrea Anic

Financial Management, Math

Aiana Burr

CALM, Cosmetology

Kelsey Carr

English, Social Studies

Jim Casper

Department Head - Math; Math

Jackie Deviller

Biology, Foods, Science

Rick Dorn

Phys. Ed, Science

Rory Dudas

English, Social Studies

Kai Fong

Computer Science, Math

Brad Gibson

European History, Legal Studies, Social Studies

Brayden Guy

Social Studies

Ben Hoffman

Biology, Phys Ed, Sports Medicine

Conrad Hope

Advanced Placement Co-Ordinator (AP); Chemistry

Alexa Hrycun

English, Phys Ed

Jeet Jermana

Learning Strategies, Social Studies

Nate Kerr

Athletic Director; CALM, Fitness, Leadership, Social Studies

Michelle Knoop

Chemistry, Financial Management, Science

Randy Kozak

Construction & Fabrication, Culinary Arts

Renee LeClerc

Biology, Paleontology, Science

Cydney Lewis

Design Studies, Construction & Fabrication, Technical Theatre

Angee Lockhart

English, Personal Psychology

Michelle Lutic

Learning Strategies, Math

Chelsea Maier

Math, Physics

Quenie Mak


Marty McKeever

Department Head - French Immersion; French, French Language Arts, Wildlife

Andrew Meek

Biology, Botanical Sciences, Science

Marc Meunier

Department Head - Phys. Ed; Fitness

Michael Ng

Chemistry, Science


Matthew Noseworthy

Biology, Math, Science

Jonathan Oevering

Construction & Fabrication, Math

Heather Ohashi

Legal Studies

Andrew Olasker

English, Philosophy

Marina Padovan

Department Head - Science; Biology, Chemistry


Dave Power

English, Study of Film

Daryl Price

Instrumental Music, Science

Dave Regimbald

Physics, Science


Nathan Reis

European History, General Music (Rock & Pop), Social Studies

Janvier Rousseau

French Language Arts (FLA), Fr. Social Studies

Jennifer Runge

Spanish, Personal Psychology

Laura Savich

Biology, Fr. Chemistry, Science

Paul Shamchuk

Department Head - English; English

Nikki Stoyko

Communication Technology, English, Leadership, Photography/Video Production

Rob Strecker

Sports Medicine

Rebecca Taylor

Department Head - French Immersion; Fr. Biology, Fr. Math, Fr. Science, Science

Lana Thom

Social, Yoga

Travis Thompson

Social Studies

Bill Turnham

Work Experience/RAP/Dual Credit

Richard Ward

Fr. Social Studies

Lisa Whitson

Advanced Acting, Drama, English


Elizabeth Wood

Department Head - CTS & Fine Arts; Cosmetology

Educational Assistants

Amy Bryks

Rehab Aide

Marwa Elmorshedy

Educational Assistant

Rae Ewashko

Educational Assistant

Emma Facchinetti

Eductional Assistant

Michelle Kennett

Educational Assistant

Dawson Laycock

Educational Assistant

Joan Misner

Educational Assistant

Support Staff

Rey Arguelles


Dennis Bigata


Lota Lopez

Head Custodian

Teng Ma


Serhii Potapov


Terry Serna


Donabel Siega

Food Services

Kathryn Wedlake

Food Services

Ashley Winnington

Science Lab Tech