Off-Campus Education

Instructor: Bill Turnham please feel free to call or text 780.231.7955 or email.

PK hours Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday mornings.


1 credit

This course is the prerequisite for Work Experience and the Registered Apprenticeship Program. Topics covered include workplace health and safety systems, hazards, safety legislation, safety goals and safety practices.

Please see instructor for more information.

Up to 40 credits

The program is designed to permit high school students to work on the first year of their chosen apprenticeship while still meeting their graduation requirements. For each 125 hours worked, you can receive five credits from the school, plus use the hours towards your first year apprenticeship. A $1000 scholarship is available for RAP students.

HCS 3000 Workplace Safety is required and HCS 3010 Advanced Workplace Safety Practices is optional.

RAP Program Application form
Off Campus Education Agreement
Off Campus Parent Consent Form
Off Campus Student Hours Log Sheet
WCB Employer's Report  (3 pages)
WCB Worker's Report  (5 pages)

10 credits

Students receive one credit for every 25 hours of work.  
HCS 3000 Workplace Safety is required. Students can also take HCS 3010 Advanced Workplace Safety Practices. These courses require ongoing employment and regular reporting of hours for credit.

Some of the benefits of Work Experience include:

  • receive credits and earn money at the same time
  • it’s a great tool to use on post-secondary applications
  • your employer’s evaluations act as an indicator of your job performance
  • Work Experience marks can be used to qualify for the Rutherford Scholarship
  • Build great skills and employability for future endeavours, post high school