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On Student's Individually Directed Education (OnSIDE)

OnSIDE is an independent study program where students are able to work on courses required for graduation or courses that are of special interest. Attendance is taken for all students registered for OnSIDE blocks.

OnSIDE meets the needs of students who:

  • wish to carry more/different courses than the regular timetable allows
  • are unable to attend all classes regularly due to illness, sports and work commitments or other personal reasons
  • require a less structured environment to achieve academic success
  • need credits to fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma
All courses are accessed from Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC)

Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) registration form

The OnSIDE teacher is the facilitator for the ADLC courses and monitors the progress of each student. ADLC courses are offered in print or online. These core courses are available in English and/or French at all three grade levels: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The OnSIDE Program will recognize a student who successfully completes at least 10 credits using ADLC materials and/or APEX Advanced Placement Learning materials.

The following courses are available online in French:

FLA  10-1  20-1  30-1  30-2 
Math  10C  20-1  30-1   
Social Studies  10-1  20-1  30-1  30-2 

Other courses include:

Agriculture  Health Care Services
CALM  Human and Social Services  Music 
Career Transitions  Information Processing  Forensic Science 
Communication Technology Legal Studies  English as a Second Language 
Design Studies  Management and Marketing  French 
Electro-Technologies  Mechanics  German 
Energy Education  Physical Education  Spanish 
Enterprise and Innovation  Networking  Ukrainian 
Fashion Studies  Workplace Safety  Religious Studies 
Foods  Recreation Leadership  Social Sciences 
Forestry Service  Tourism Studies   


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