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French Immersion

Immersion française

The French Immersion Program offers a variety of courses and provides flexibility with the English stream. In order to obtain a bilingual certificate, students must take a minimum of 15 credits in French Immersion in each grade. Of those credits, 5 must be in French Language Arts per year. Students who maintain an average of over 80% in their immersion courses will receive a Bilingual Certificate with Excellence and will receive a bursary to write the DELF exam.

Le programme d'immersion offre plusieurs cours en français et permet aux élèves la flexibilité dans leur horaire et choix de cours. Afin d'obtenir leur Certificat Bilingue les élèves doivent acquérir un minimum de 15 crédits en immersion par niveau, c'est-à-dire, 45 crédits en tout. Les élèves doivent réussir cinq crédits en FLA (French Language Arts) à chaque niveau. L'élève qui maintient une moyenne supérieure à 80% recevra un Certificat Bilingue avec Excellence ainsi qu'une bourse pour écrire l'examen DELF.
French Immersion


Combining French Immersion and Advanced Placement

The chart below show the courses which will allow you to receive both a St. Albert Public Schools Bilingual Certificate and Advanced Placement recognition.
Start with three courses taught in French. Include French Language Arts (FLA) in each grade.

Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
French Immersion FLA 10-1/10-2
plus at least 2 of:
French Math 10C
French Science 10
French Social 10-1/10-2

FLA 20-1/20-2
plus at least 2 of:
French Math 20-1
French Biology 20
French Chemistry 20
French Physics 20
French Social 20-1/20-2
FLA 30-1/30-2
plus at least 2 of:
French Math 30-1
French Math 30-2
French Biology 30
French Chemistry 30
French Physics 30
French Science 30
French Social 30-1/30-2
Round out your course selections with Advanced Placement (AP) Courses or regular courses according to your interests and abilities. Below are the AP courses available.

Note: Social 30 is required to graduate. There is no Social 30 AP course as students would have completed European History AP in Grade 11.  
 Grade 10
 Grade 11
Grade 12
Advanced Placement Courses English 10 AP
Math 10C AP
Science 10 AP
Social 10 AP
English 20 AP
Math 20-1 AP/30-1 AP
Biology 20 AP
Chemistry 20 AP
Physics 20 AP
Social 20 AP/European History AP
English 30 AP
Math 31 AP/35 AP
Biology 30 AP/35 AP
Chemistry 30 AP/35 AP
Psychology AP

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