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All students must complete either English 30-2 or 30-1 in order to receive a High School Diploma.

• Students choosing 10-1 follow the 20-1 and 30-1 course stream through Grade 11 and Grade 12. This stream is ideal for students considering post-secondary studies in most colleges and universities.
• Students choosing 10-2 follow the 20-2 and 30-2 course stream through Grade 11 and Grade 12. This stream is ideal for students entering the work force immediately after high school, as well as students considering post-secondary studies at institutions offering two-year and three-year diploma programs.
• The Advanced Placement (AP) stream is designed for students who love reading and writing. Students in the AP course stream are assessed to the same standard and write the same final exam as students in the dash-1 stream. They write the AP Language and Composition exam in May of grade 11 and the AP Literature and Composition exam in May of Grade 12.

It is possible to switch between streams.
• Students who score 45% or higher in English 10-1 may advance to English 20-2 and the same holds true for students in English 20-1 advancing to English 30-2.
• Students can move from the dash-2 stream to the dash-1 stream within the same grade level (English 10-2 to 10-1, 20-2 to 20-1, 30-2 to 30-1).
• Students who excel in the dash-1 stream can move into the AP stream (English 10-1 to 20-1 AP, English 20-1 to 30-1 AP) with teacher and/or Department Head approval.

ALWAYS check information with the post-secondary institution and the program of your choice. Pre-requisites vary by institution and institutions occasionally review and change entrance requirements.


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