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Animal Gang
Tues. @ lunch 202 A. Meek
Bowling Club select Fridays after school 224 D. Djogovic-Steele, K. Fong
Change for Humanity Tues.
@ lunch 152 R. Solomon, T. Royea, K. Carr
Chess Club Fri. @ lunch 216 E. Ghazniwal, B. Gibson
Chinese Lion Dance Team Tues. & Thurs. after school 169 E. Mazurok, A. Olasker
Cooking it up Club Tues. @ lunch 228 N. Taggart
Cubing Club (Rubik's) Wed. @ lunch 211 J. Machney
Environmental Leadership Club
Wed. @ lunch 216 L. Savich
Dungeons & Dragons Fri. after school cafeteria K. Fong
Indigenous Peoples and Allies Last Thurs.of the month @ lunch
117 M. McKeever, J. Rousseau
PK People of Science Club Thurs.  @ lunch 209 D. Regimbald
Philosophy Club Fri. @ lunch 169  A. Olasker 
ST.A.R.K. Poets Tues. after school virtual  K. May Healey
SAGA (Sexuality & Gender Acceptance) Club  Tues.
@ lunch 214  R. LeClerc, E. Mazurok
Students' Union Mon. @ lunch 165 A. Lockhart, P. Shamchuk, M. Fulton 
Ted Lasso: Conversations about Real Life Thurs. @ lunch 208 D. Reed
Trivia Club Thurs. @ lunch 141 J. Rousseau
Yearbook Club
Fri. @ lunch 119
K. Fong, R. Cowden

Paul Kane High School