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Our Staff

Administration and Office Staff

Name Title
Erin Steele Principal, Gr. 11 Administrator
Liane Madsen Assistant Principal, Gr. 10 Administrator
Ruby Solomon  Assistant Principal, Gr. 12 Administrator
Nate Kerr Inclusive Education Coordinator
Teresa Royea School Counsellor
Kelly Spence  School Counsellor
Peggy Bell Administrative Assistant, Accounting (A/P)
Doreen Brenholen Administrative Assistant, Accounting (A/R)
Shirley Bowles Administrative Assistant, Reception, Summer School
 Jill Martin Administrative Assistant, Communications
Amy Rhodey  Administrative Assistant, Student Services
Wilma Sannino Administrative Assistant, Department Head Assistant
Sylvia Smith Librarian
Shelley Suitor 
Administrative Assistant, OnSIDE


Name Subject
Keith Ainslie-O'Connor Fr. Math, Fr. Physics, Fr. Chemistry 
Brandon Andreychuk Social Studies
Kelsey Carr English, Completion Coach Grade 10
Jim Casper Department Head - Math
Donna Chanasyk Department Head - OnSIDE/Advanced Placement and Special Programs
Simon Christou Math 
Ryan Clarke Social Studies
Marc Dallorto Math 
Daniela Djogovic-Steele Math 
Elizabeth Doke Math, Science 
Jim Dosman Design Studies, Video Production, Technical Theatre
Kai Wai Fong Math, Chinese, Robotics 
Meghan Fulton Math 
Cathy Gibson Foods 
Sage Goonewardena Department Head - French Immersion, Fr. Biology, Yoga 
Brayden Guy Social Studies
Colleen Hewitt Art 
Conrad Hope Chemistry, Science
Bryce Hughes Sports Medicine, Sports Leadership, Phys Ed
Vin Joo Physics, Science, Math
Randy Kozak Department Head - CTS & Fine Arts, Work Experience/Registered Apprenticeship Program, Summer School Principal
Catherine Lajoie  Department Head - French Immersion, Fr. Language Arts, English Language Learning
Renee LeClerc Science, Biology, Paleontology
Suzanne Lewis Fashion Studies, Foods
Angee Lockhart English 
Josh Machney  Biology, Physics, Science
Matt Macrae Fr. Math  
Karen May Healey English 
Elizabeth Mazurok Japanese, Foods
Marty McKeever Fr. Language Arts, Fr. Social Studies, French
Andrew Meek  Biology, Science, Construction & Fabrication
Marc Meunier Department Head - Phys. Ed/Athletics; Fitness
Derek Mitchell English
Michael Ng Chemistry, Science 
Brian Nicholas Department Head - Social Studies & Global Languages
Heather Ohashi  Art, OnSIDE 
Andrew Olasker English
Lori Olson-Johns Phys Ed, Cross Fit 
Tamara O'Neil English, Social, Legal Studies
Marina Padovan Department Head - Science; Biology, Chemistry
Rosalba Politi Construction & Fabrication, Technical Theatre, Set Construction
Dave Power  Department Head - English
Daryl Price Math, Science, Instrumental Music, Choral
Dave Regimbald Science, Physics, Completion Coach Grade 11
Nathan Reis  Social Studies, General Music (Rock & Pop)
Jennifer Runge Spanish, Psychology
Laura Savich  Fr. Science, Fr. Chemistry, Chemistry
Paul Shamchuk English
Rob Strecker Phys Ed, Sports Medicine
Natasha Taggart  Foods
Travis Thompson Social Studies, English
Richard Ward  Fr. Social Studies, French
Lisa Whitson  Drama, Advanced Acting/Touring Theatre, Musical Theatre 
Elizabeth Wood  Cosmetology 

Paul Kane High School