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In order to receive a Alberta High School Diploma, students must complete a MINIMUM of one Grade 11 Science course (20 or 24 level).

A mark of 60% or more in the prerequisite course is recommended for registration. A mark of 75% is the prerequisite recommended for Advanced Placement courses. Many
post-secondary programs require Grade 12 Science courses.

There are four course routes for Science students at Paul Kane:

  • The Science 14/24 stream is for students who find Science difficult or will not be pursuing science past high school.
  • The Science 10-20-30 stream is for those students who would like a Grade 12 academic Science course but who will not be pursuing a career in a Science-related field.
  • The Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses are for students heading towards college or university or a specific Science-related field.
  • The Advanced Placement (AP) stream is designed for students who love Biology and/or Chemistry or Physics. Advanced Placement students write the same final exams as the regular courses but with the addition of the AP Biology exam, AP Chemistry exam, or AP Physics 1 exam as applicable (in May of Grade 11). Students may switch into Advanced Placement with teacher and/or Department Head consultation.

Note:  ALWAYS check information with the post-secondary institution and the program of your choice. Pre-requisites vary by institution and institutions sometimes review and change entrance requirements.


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